If you haven't yet, now please listen to this!!

Please listen to this.

We have.

We have reacted.

Have you?!


Staying Open

  We are staying open. This is to say we believe we can be supportive to the community and provide a service of essential goods at this time of crisis.

We will be implementing shop rules to align ourselves with government guidelines and reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Please offer respect to our staff who will be serving you through the coming weeks and be as courteous to them as you would expect them to be to you.

stay away from the shop if you have any symptoms resembling that of an infected person.

We are restricting four people in the shop at any one time and there is a new layout when you enter the store please can you abide by the rules and try and stay 2 metres away from the person in front of you.


We will get through this

We would like to say a huge thank you to each and every customer for understanding our decisions at this time.
We all need to work together, supporting friends and family at this time of unprecedented events.

We will see the other side of this epidemic, and we look forward to seeing more of you then!


Government Guidelines

Useful Information