Disposable Vape Bars


Reasons why they are so popular???

1. Ready to use out the packet

2. No filling up with juice or coils to change

3. No Charging

4. Low cost 

Disposable vapes are the ideal choice for new vapers or anyone looking for simple no fuss vape with zero maintenance. They’re also very popular with existing vapers who use them when they want to be discreet. We have one of the largest selection online of disposable vapes, with products from Elf, Smok, Geekbar, Dinner lady etc.

Disposable vapes have advanced in a very short period of time they are no longer like the old-fashioned ecigs. 

There are many choices of flavours and strengths, 20mg being the most popular strength and Blue Raz one of the top Flavours, but the great thing about them is being so compact and disposable you don't have to just settle for one flavour for days at a time...